Overview of Coordinated Primary Options

The Coordinated Primary Options (CPO) project recognises that people may often be admitted to hospital because of financial and/or other barriers in gaining access to services in the community.  Therefore, CPO’s purpose is to:

  • enable Primary Care teams to access community based services, offering alternatives to acute hospital admission;
  • build knowledge about various service options including optimum skill-mixes, client focus and cost effectiveness;
  • identify and where appropriate, address communication and service gaps that contribute to hospital admissions;
  • encourage general practice insights into issues and general practice support for reducing hospital admission;
  • support practice changes required to achieve the goals of reducing the level of acute admissions and achieving integrated services.

A range of community diagnostic, therapeutic and logistic services are available at no cost (excluding the initial GP consultation) to the patient. Examples of these include:

  • Diagnostic tests – X rays, ultrasound
  • Home visits by GP and/or practice nurse;
  • Follow up and return visits to GP locations;
  • Transportation;
  • Rest Homes
  • Community IV therapy

Coordinated Primary Options is flexible and easy to use – accessing the services requires forwarding completed referral and invoice forms, either electronically through Medtech or manually through paper based forms.